Fixed Value points

Another type of credit card is the fixed value points cards.  Two credit cards that operate this way are the Barclays Arrival plus credit card and the Capital One Venture Rewards credit card.  The way these cards work is that for every dollar you spend, you get 2 points.  Each of these points is worth 1 cent toward travel so you’re getting 2% return on your spending.  Not bad right?  

When you go to book anything travel related, just charge the expense on your fixed value credit card.  Then when the charge posts to your account, you can go in and use your points to “wipe out” the purchase or “erase” it as Capital One states it.  

The benefit of this type of point over the others is the flexibility.  You can book travel pretty much through any website or portal and get redeemed.  This way you can take advantage of great deals on fares you find and use your points for them.  Also, since you are paying for flights/hotel stays/rental cars/cruises, etc… you get the added benefit of earning elite credit toward those programs.  You wouldn’t if you used that particular brands points for the award purchase.  You can also redeem points for travel incidentals such as award ticket taxes and baggage fees.  

These two card are pretty similar with the arrival plus having a $89 annual fee and the venture rewards having a $59 annual fee.  The arrival plus gives you 10% mileage refund when you use your points so you are effectively getting a 2.2% return on your spending.  The Venture rewards card does not offer that benefit but has a lower annual fee.  You just have to consider which card works best for you.  You may or may not come to find these fixed value reward credit cards to be your “go-to” for spending but having them as a part of your overall credit card travel plan is a wise move.  The flexibility they offer is unique and can really help, particularly on those cheap travel expenses where it makes the most sense to pay cash or travel incidentals that can’t be covered by other points.  Our sponsor today is Arlington Heights Plumbing, a rock solid plumber Arlington Heights has come to know and trust.